Apprenticeship Spotlight: Alexis Young

Jan 25, 2024

Alexis (Lexi) Young is a busy mother of five and a Medical Assistant at Neighborcare Health. Determined to work in the medical field, she has not let anything stop her from pursuing her dreams.  

Lexi started her journey to become a Medical Assistant in Louisiana, but natural disasters and other obstacles posed challenges to her goals. “Unfortunately, I became very ill. And after my area was damaged by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Gustav, I moved back and forth from Louisiana to Seattle three times. I felt like my dreams of becoming a medical assistant would never be possible with all the challenges I was facing.” 

Nevertheless, Lexi clung to her dreams and eventually started working at Neighborcare Health as a Patient Service Representative in 2021. “I heard about the Medical Assistant Apprenticeship program through our Union Newsletter. This was the perfect opportunity to restart my journey to become a Medical Assistant.” The Training Fund partners with Neighborcare Health to offer various apprenticeship programs through the HealthCare Apprenticeship Consortium. These apprenticeship programs help build education pathways and promote accessibility, retention, and stability within the healthcare workforce. One of these programs is the Medical Assistant (MA) apprenticeship – which was a perfect fit for Lexi. 

Photo of Alexis Young, a Black woman with long wavy hair wearing a yellow shirt.

Since joining the MA Apprenticeship program, Lexi has also had access to supportive services that remove barriers and help her succeed in the program. “Being in this program, I can go to school, work, and get on the job training!! This program has given me the self-confidence and sense of living I lost in Louisiana and made such a positive impact in my life. It’s given me hope that one day I will be an LPN.”  

Supportive services, like laptop lending, are crucial in promoting accessibility and helping students succeed. At the Training Fund, we know that it is about more than just providing services – it is about being in someone’s corner and bringing partners together in community. “I have support from my instructors, mentors, co-workers, and classmates. The program is great for anyone looking to get into the medical field as a Medical Assistant,” says Lexi.   

This is just the beginning for Lexi. “I am now a Registered Medical Assistant. This program is giving me the opportunity to get my certification. I believe this program will be my gateway to achieving my goal to becoming a Licensed Nurse Practitioner.” 

We’re rooting for you, Lexi! 

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