Medical / Pharmacy Apprenticeships

The Health Care Apprenticeship Consortium works with multiple partners to offer innovative healthcare apprenticeship programs in the follow career paths:

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I didn’t think that I would be the first from my cohort to graduate and get my MA-C, but I did. My instructor was amazing – he made learning fun, and helped me believe in even furthering my education beyond a CMA for the future. I was able to pass the exam because I attended the study sessions.

And while waiting to get my license, I was offered a position to be an apprentice at UW Primary Care! It’s funny to think how things come full circle and you end up where you are supposed to be.

Kara Whitmus

CMA, Summer 2023

Training Programs

Introduction to Healthcare Apprenticeship Program (IHAP)

Start your pathway to a new healthcare career! This free two-phase employment program trains entry-level job seekers for a career in healthcare. A Nursing Assistant Certification (NA-C or CNA) is a prerequisite for several healthcare positions.

Phase 1: The Basics of Healthcare, 3 weeks
Phase 2: Next Steps to Certification, 4 weeks
Testing: Pass the WA State Exam and register as a Certified CNA

Classes are online with in-person labs, so you can learn from wherever you have internet access and also participate in hands-on learning activities.

    • Daily online classes spanning 4-6 hours will be held Monday through Friday, each week.
    • 4-hour in-person labs will be held on weekends
    • 40 hours of clinical work experience