NA-C Program Recognized by WSATC

Feb 1, 2023


On January 19, the Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council (WSATC) granted official “recognition” to the NA-C Training Program.

The NA-C program is part of IHAP, the Introduction to Healthcare Employment and Apprenticeship Program. IHAP is a partnership between the Health Care Apprenticeship Consortium and Seattle Jobs Initiative that trains entry-level job seekers for careers in the healthcare sector. 

As an officially-recognized training program, the NA-C program will now be featured in the WSATC database and will attract high-quality applicants for its program.

In the program, candidates complete online classes and take part in hands-on labs and clinicals. At the end of the program, candidates are prepared to take the Washington State written and skills assessments, and register as a Certified NA-C.

To learn more about the IHAP NA-C Training Program, visit the NA-C program webpage.